The Loving Nature Of Domesticated Animals

There is never a question that domesticated animals are one of the most lovable creatures that someone could come across.  It is often the need for attention that makes most animals like the dog or the cat to be controlled and kept as pets at peoples’ homes.   Often in a very focused and self centered existence that most people lead the attitude of selfless love that an animal displays proves to be something refreshingly new and different to others.

Helping Animals

The different types of Loyalties displayed by Animals

It is a grave mistake to classify all animals and their behavior as the same.  There is a big difference to the attention that a horse gives to its owner to one that a dog does.  It is this difference in approach that most of the time creates an image of the particular animal or groups of animals in people.

Obedience:  It is a quality in certain animals to display certain obedience to instructions and such commands that are given to it.  This could be a quality in certain animals like the dog and can be harnessed to good effect too.  But not all animals display this trait and with most creatures there is a difference to the approach to a call to be obedient.  There are even the rebels like the Billy goat that simply would not stand to any sort of reason.

Loyalty: Most different members of the animal kingdom do display a certain amount of loyalty to the person that feeds and keeps it.  It could be said to be a survival instinct so to speak.  But there is no denying that such a feature does indeed exist in animals.  Often in the case of more territorial of animals it is possible that the loyalty might be to a certain territory and not to a person as such.

Hard work: There are a number of animals that are known for the hard work that they put in.  It could be in the fields pulling the plough or at times carrying heavy loads, but there is no denying that it is a good quality to have in the work horses of society.  Before the advent of mechanization and use of machinery, there really would not have been progress of society if not for these hardy beasts of burden.

Getting to harness the qualities

The beginning of civilization took place when man mastered the technique of using the animals to bring benefit according to his needs.  Thus over time the most marked quality of certain beasts was taken advantage of to permit their use in everyday activities.  It could be said that the positive qualities of the animals were further accentuated by the positive enforcement that came about this way. here

It is human nature to acknowledge the positive aspect to a domesticated animal and often these good habits are further strengthened by the breeding practices being followed.  Thus as time goes by, it would be seen that more finer qualities than before is realized in such animals.

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