Honing a Dull Knife- A complete Process for You

Most of the people confuse the terms of honing and sharpening. There is a clear cut and distinct amount of difference between both of these terms. If you want to hone your handmade knives, then here is a complete process for you.

How does a honing steel work?

A honing steel has to be used properly. This steel is going to realign the blade edge in such a way that the sharpened bit will be facing and pointing towards the exact right direction. You can steel your knife after every single time you want to use it so that you can get the best edge all the time. Note that whenever you are buying a steel, you should try to search for heavy model. Your steel can be 9-inches long. Likewise, you are buying a high-quality knife, your steel should also be of high-quality. Info and facts on handmade blades are coming soon.

Steps to hone a knife

Below you can check out the important basic steps to hone any of the dull knives, follow every single step and transform your dull knife easily:

Start and proceed at The Heel

If you are one of the first-timers, then finding the vertical grip will come out to be easiest for you. You have to hold the steel handle and place the tip right onto the cutting board. It is at the 15-20 degree angle that you have to place the knife heel right against the top section of the steel.

Finishing Exactly at The Tip

Now apply a light pressure, start drawing your knife exactly down the steel and maintain a constant amount of angle.

Proceed towards the Second Side

Now you have to proceed towards the second side and start with your honing job the way you have done on the first side. Keep on holding the knife heel just against the other side of your knife steel. Maintain an angle of 15 – 20 degree angle.

Finishing the Second Side

Try to drag your knife blade in such a way that the tip section of the steel and the tip part of the knife, they should meet with each other. Hone both of the sides of your knife until you see that the blade is completely honed. You can apply 8 strokes on each of the sides.

Using an Advanced Method

For the advanced cooks, they can make use of an advanced method to hone their knives. For this job, hold the steel in a horizontal position and place the blade heel against the steel base. Pull the knife and maintain a 15 – 20 degree angle unless you see that the knife tip is meeting with the steel tip.

These are the steps and easy way which can perfectly align and hone your knife. Do this honing task on your dull knife and share your feedback. These are easy to do steps and you will not need extra professional while doing honing. If you want to share some easy honing tips over here, you can do that.

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