Cost Effective Radon Mitigation

Radon mitigation cost

Radon kills silently, without giving a trace. It has a physical property, which make it very difficult to detect. It goes undetected because it can bypass all human senses being colorless and odorless. On top of it is a radioactive gas which can be found in our home, school and other commercial properties. Radon is released from ground naturally and is found in the structures built on it.

radon mitigation cost is never a burden especially when you know that it has saved you and your family from a very dangerous exposure of Radon exposure. One must not waste a single day before installing radon mitigation system because the longer the exposure of Radon the more menacing it can prove to be.

Hazard of Radon gas:

Why should I all this be a reason for worry for you? Here is the answer, Radon is the second major cause of lung cancer in United States. US Surgeon General and the EPA estimates suggest that every year 20000 Americans die every due to Radon related Exposure. Wisconsin Department of Health Service has generated warning for the area of Waukesha County, here the radon level is exceptionally high.

On the living floor of homes, the level of Radon has been found to be up to 60% as suggested by EPA.It takes year of Radon exposure for the scale of damage it has done to be visible but once one het to know this has already become a point of no return. Only solution to this problem lies in installing a Radon mitigation system suitable to the requirement of a business concern or a home.

Effective Solution to kill radon:

If the levels of Radon are found to be too much Lifetime Radon Solutions can design a custom solution to make the Radon mitigation cost affordable. We ensure that our systems are installed perfectly and perform repeated tests certify that. We make sure that our systems based on pipes and exhaust fan are able to pump the radon gas out of your homes and maintain the safety level as determined by EPA.  Lifetime Radon Solutionteam consists of the best professional in the business, we are the pioneers and most experienced of the all. We can bring the Radon mitigation cost to absolute minimum.  We also poses the license issued by Nation Environmental Health Association (NEHA). We are certified by AARST National Radon Proficiency Program.

Lifetime Radon solution team possess the work ethics of the highest order, we are always on schedule, work smart, create no hassle for our customers and complete our job with utmost dedication and diligence.  In addition to all the qualities mentioned above our team is also very time efficient you won’t have to wait at length because the whole process of installation can be completed in a very short time of two hours. We poses membership of Wisconsin Association of Home inspectors, we are authorized for performing radon test of any real estate transaction.




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